Will Social Media Addiction only Get Worse or Will there be a Push Back Effect?

The modern technology has brought a great impact to the modern society with the new generation are now into the social media platforms that have come with the easy access to the internet, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being the major social media platforms. People are now spending way too much time on the social media platforms thus affecting their social lives and and activities such as school, which is considered as addiction.

These social media platforms have positive impact to the society. On Facebook and Instagram platforms, people share photos, experiences and connect with friends but the negative impact is when they become obsessed with them thus causing an addiction. People tend to neglect real life interactions. Medics have not yet found this addiction as a formal disorder to the body or as a sickness.

Signs of social media addiction Do you spend most of your time on Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram are believed to affect only young generation but that is not true. There are women that are referred to as internet moms. These are married women who are into these social media platforms and spend more time there than attending to their family needs. They tend to lose a connection with the spouse and children and can cause family problems.

When people are addicted to social media, they use them to determine their status in the society and worse, their self esteem. This is when you spend time uploading status and photos on Facebook and Instagram and then you keep checking the number of likes and comments to see your influence, neglecting your real impact in the real world. With few likes and comments, this has led to low self esteem and can lead to worse case scenarios such as depression. How would the world be with elimination of Facebook and Instagram?

How would it be without everyone sitting at the dinner tables but with all glued to their smartphones checking statuses? Would it be like the old good days when grandma stories were the main thing?

A lot of businesses and organizations are now using Facebook and Instagram to market their products. People with large numbers of followers and friends too use that opportunity to make an income by partnering with companies that have not established a connection on those platforms to market their products.

With these platforms, artists, actors and other celebrities are able to connect with their fans around the world. These are few positives related with social media. But what have made it possible for all these is because people have shifted from real life to these social media platforms.

A world without Facebook and Instagram would mean that people will go back to more face to face interactions. Businesses could advertise more on newspapers and magazines therefore it would encourage a reading culture that is more educative.

It would encourage families and friends to visit each other and share one on one rather than just messaging online all the time. The real connection between people would be back. The world can be a better place and reduce cases of low self esteem among youths if we were to do away with the Facebook and Instagram social media platforms.