The benefits of calisthenics

Calisthenics is among the oldest methods of training. They entice a lot of people because they can efficiently train anywhere without the need for equipment. Here are other reasons as to why calisthenics should be an addition to your physical training.


Performing circulatory calisthenic training is a perfect way to build muscle endurance. Circulation with limited rest 3 to 5 times increases the body’s resistance to fatigue, such as B. Cardiovascular training. Continuing this type of circuit with intermediate days of rest can task your body to do several repetition cycles before muscle fatigue. Practicing a work out that works throughout the body can help improve muscle endurance for all muscle groups, including the cardiovascular system.


Many movements integrated into a calisthenics workout require some flexibility. A good example is a push. For this exercise, your body must extend beyond your hips. To allow the hip of your leg can stretch behind your body. You may also experience quadriceps and hamstring strain. The tension you don’t even know becomes apparent when you add gymnastics to your workout. By cumulative strength, your body adjusts to increase flexibility and perform movements correctly. The correct choice of motion allows the body to use the most suitable muscle groups for exercise. Dynamic stretching should be encouraged before calisthenics exercises.


It may seem reasonable for Calisthenics to develop strength, but it’s not just about muscle strength! The US Army USA Use basic training to increase strength, but also to avoid injury. The addition of gymnastics also helps increase muscle strength on your body that is commonly caused by weight lifting.

Upper body exercises:

Some of the best known upper body exercises are push-ups and push-ups.,. The pumps directly train the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps. Do various shapes, such as T-pumps, raising a single-arm, touching the joint, or pushing the palms. These different shapes can help add new muscle groups, like the abdominal muscles. Arm curves also strengthen the back chain (back muscles). They also improve grip in hand. To vary this exercise increase or decrease your control. Other forms of exercise may include: axes bowed abs, and triceps drop.

Exercises for the lower body:

The push-up is known for an upper-body exercise, and the squat corresponds to the training of the lower body. Before squatting, you should also make sure your glutes have enough muscle activation! Performing certain bridges can help pull the buttocks. It is even better to squat within your range and not exceed your limits. You can practice squats in various ways. From a standard two-leg squat to a one-leg squat with stability issues. Adding squats to one leg can help assess coordination, strengthen and develop leg function and muscle activation.

The gym is often a perfect place to improve your fitness, but don’t let that limit you. You can achieve fitness and strength from anywhere you are if determined, and this statement has never been more accurate than when using gymnastics. Calisthenic exercises can not only develop strength but also improve your cardiovascular fitness. If you find a calisthenics routine that works for you, you can improve strength, flexibility, and endurance.