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7 Fashion Tips For Guys For 2017

How many people have argued about what a metrosexual guy is? A ton! The fact is that there are simply different levels of metrosexuals and that every man has a little bit of Metro in him, whether he likes it or not. A metrosexual man is today very conscious about his looks and wants to make an impact on the fairer sex wherever he goes.

Gone are the days when it was considered very illegal for a man to take after himself. It is the age of the metrosexual guys who handles himself to great treatments in salons, pedicures, manicures and. Today, many magazines have understood the modern man’s needs of looking distinctive, elegant and alluring. Men’s fashion magazines like FHM are making a lot of cash out of this newborn crazed desire among men to look attractive. They are offering men scores of fashion tips taking help from the world’s niche fashion designers like Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana and Ralph De Lauren.

Males have changed/evolved and so have their desires to look good. Here are some Guys Fashion Tips that should be followed:

1. Never wear any casual wear to your work like sneakers and jeans. If you feel comfortable in sneakers, then a better option would go for Italian loafers in dark colors.

2. They are comfortable to wear, look classy and also do not give you a very rugged look like sneakers.

3. Try to give your hair a very neat look. Uncombed or ruffled can give a very poor impression about your personality. Groom your hair properly with the various styling gels, mousse to stylize your hair.

3. Ties are in vogue these days. You can experiment with various hues and shades and unconventional patterns like dots and stripes.

4. Always wear chic formal attire to the office. Gaudy wear can make you be perceived as dumb and dandy. Go for proper pleated pants and try subtle hues in shirts. Always go for plain shirts and try to refrain from wearing prominent patterns, you’re not cutting wood ok?

5. Follow the mantra of power dressing in meetings. Go for full suits in meetings to create that perfect right impression. If you are dressed in impressionable attire during meetings, then you can make people listen more apt to you. But, it is important to keep the ongoing season and the day in mind before purchasing a suit.

6. Smelling great is the key to spreading positive vibes about yourself. Bad odor leads to a very negative impression. Malodorous people be it men or women are always repelled. Therefore, try to make a regular and elaborate use of colognes, after-shave gels, deodorants, and perfumes. Moreover, never compromise on quality while purchasing scents as a nice fragrance can help you a lot in making the first move.

7.You can also try a more metro/riskier move: heeled shoes to overcome the height factor.

8.Wear dark pinstriped shirts to make yourself look a few inches taller.

9.If wearing socks, go for darker shades than lighter ones because a pair of white socks looks very austere.