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How parents can help kids deal with growing independent personalities

arents often struggle with the transition from infancy to adulthood. When your child is a baby, they rely on you for everything: food, comfort, clothes, entertainment. As they grow older, some of these needs are still inherent, though parents may begin to worry about their child’s ability to be self-sufficient. However, there are many ways parents can help their kids cope with the growing independence of their personalities during this time.


Often, kids feel very restricted in their diets because parents decide what they can and cannot eat. However, with growing independence comes the desire to choose what they eat and when. At almost every meal, your child should be able to choose what they want to eat. This is an important step towards their autonomy.


Encourage them to participate in sports. Help them find a sport that they are good at and that they enjoy. This will help them gain confidence and accomplishment, teaching them that they know what they are doing. Whether its kids football, badminton, volleyball, martial arts, there are many great activities to help your child develop self-discipline and life skills.


When your child receives their first paycheck or allowance, let them decide how much to save and how much to spend on things like clothes or entertainment. This will teach them that they can make their own decisions and be in control of their money.


As kids are growing up, they may begin to feel more comfortable with the idea of making new friends. However, parents often worry that they won’t have any friends because they will not want to associate with someone who is not popular or popular enough. Regardless of your child’s feelings on this matter, do not let the fear of disapproval prevent this from happening. Let them make their own choices about it. Your child can always learn to make better friends, but the first friendship is often the most important.


Kids are often growing and changing; therefore, the clothes that they had at one time may not fit them at another time. When your child needs new clothes, let them pick out their clothes to buy. This will help them understand what styles they like and what fits best.


As kids get older, they will begin to feel new emotions and start to gain self-consciousness. While these emotions are normal and can be overcome, that doesn’t mean that they should not be discussed. As a parent, you can teach your child how to handle their feelings healthily.


Too often, parents pat their children on the back when they do something that the parent thinks is okay, but the child does not feel like they did a good job. This can lead to feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem for the child. Praise your child when you are impressed with their efforts. This will help to reinforce that what they do is important and sets them up for success in later life. Positive reinforcement for children is one of the best ways to get a healthy adult down the road.

The most important thing a parent can do to help their child is to let them be themselves, whether they are popular or not. By encouraging them and helping them understand what they need and want, your child will be better prepared against later challenges.

How e counselling can end up saving your life

In years past, counselling and therapy was an integral and necessary part of everyday life. When a problem arose, people took to the loving guidance of their family members. In these times of antiquity, family had the the duty of supporting, comforting and protecting their loved ones under any and all circumstances. This familial support system was implemented in every facet of life: financially, socially, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

But as time went on, humans became more and more secretive and embarrassed about what they were feeling and the things that they were going through. Nowadays, the general population painstakingly carries the burdensome weight of their problems all on their own, never once seeking the help of someone who is able and willing to ease their pain. With environmental stress from the daunting demands of school, work, and social circumstances, the mental health of humankind has seriously and dangerously declined. Between depression, suicide and the harsh pressures of society increasingly plaguing the minds of many, it is highly important now more than ever for one to seek help from a counselor. It can literally end up saving your life.

Society at large, alongside the educational institutions, realized that an ever increasing need for specialized academia to formerly instruct in the area of advising would be a great benefit to the populace’s overall heath and wellbeing. In 1992, counselling was included in the health care industry as a primary mental health profession for the very first time in history. As a result, counselling became a credible field of expertise, alongside the institutions of psychology, psychiatry and social work.

By its text book definition, counseling refers to professional guidance given with the aim of resolving one’s personal conflicts and emotional problems. These learned and studied persons are capable of helping an individual, even if not in a downward spiral, to resolve issues that lie deep within. To name just a few of the many specialties that counselors are well versed in rendering, this type of professional can provide validation, enhance self-love and self-esteem, assist in changing self-defeating and self-harming behavioral habits, guidance in finding purpose in ones life and helping to encourage healthy emotional expression.

In recent years, e counselling has become increasingly popular as people feel more comfortable speaking out of their own homes and more at ease. Due to travel restrictions with covid, this has only aided e counselling increase in popularity.

But people are not merely the personification of ordinary text books. Humans are intricately unique individuals, forever boggling the inquisitive minds of scientists and health workers. A standard text book will never be able to fully encapsulate the ever expanding depths and the total wonders of a human being. Naturally, it takes more than just schooling to be able to intimately understand and guide someone through their troubles. This ability is not exclusive to those who have obtained a college degree or professional licensing, for not everyone can afford or have access to this vital opportunity, and not all wish to make advice giving their main source of income. Don’t limit your search for counselors by only seeking the help of licensed professionals. A counselor may be any wise, caring and trusted individual with a strong intuition who can skillfully coach you through this game called life.

Simply confiding in someone, whether a trained professional or a dear friend, about your problems could honestly be the difference between your life and death.

The benefits of calisthenics

Calisthenics is among the oldest methods of training. They entice a lot of people because they can efficiently train anywhere without the need for equipment. Here are other reasons as to why calisthenics should be an addition to your physical training.


Performing circulatory calisthenic training is a perfect way to build muscle endurance. Circulation with limited rest 3 to 5 times increases the body’s resistance to fatigue, such as B. Cardiovascular training. Continuing this type of circuit with intermediate days of rest can task your body to do several repetition cycles before muscle fatigue. Practicing a work out that works throughout the body can help improve muscle endurance for all muscle groups, including the cardiovascular system.


Many movements integrated into a calisthenics workout require some flexibility. A good example is a push. For this exercise, your body must extend beyond your hips. To allow the hip of your leg can stretch behind your body. You may also experience quadriceps and hamstring strain. The tension you don’t even know becomes apparent when you add gymnastics to your workout. By cumulative strength, your body adjusts to increase flexibility and perform movements correctly. The correct choice of motion allows the body to use the most suitable muscle groups for exercise. Dynamic stretching should be encouraged before calisthenics exercises.


It may seem reasonable for Calisthenics to develop strength, but it’s not just about muscle strength! The US Army USA Use basic training to increase strength, but also to avoid injury. The addition of gymnastics also helps increase muscle strength on your body that is commonly caused by weight lifting.

Upper body exercises:

Some of the best known upper body exercises are push-ups and push-ups.,. The pumps directly train the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps. Do various shapes, such as T-pumps, raising a single-arm, touching the joint, or pushing the palms. These different shapes can help add new muscle groups, like the abdominal muscles. Arm curves also strengthen the back chain (back muscles). They also improve grip in hand. To vary this exercise increase or decrease your control. Other forms of exercise may include: axes bowed abs, and triceps drop.

Exercises for the lower body:

The push-up is known for an upper-body exercise, and the squat corresponds to the training of the lower body. Before squatting, you should also make sure your glutes have enough muscle activation! Performing certain bridges can help pull the buttocks. It is even better to squat within your range and not exceed your limits. You can practice squats in various ways. From a standard two-leg squat to a one-leg squat with stability issues. Adding squats to one leg can help assess coordination, strengthen and develop leg function and muscle activation.

The gym is often a perfect place to improve your fitness, but don’t let that limit you. You can achieve fitness and strength from anywhere you are if determined, and this statement has never been more accurate than when using gymnastics. Calisthenic exercises can not only develop strength but also improve your cardiovascular fitness. If you find a calisthenics routine that works for you, you can improve strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Reverting Back to a Happier and More Natural Lifestyle

Twenty years ago cell phones were a bit of a rarity, social media didn’t yet exist and the self driving car was something found only in the realm of science fiction. It seems that just about everything has accelerated at an unimaginable pace changing the way we work, we communicate and the way we live. We now have more access to information, travel has become cheaper and easier, advancements in healthcare mean that fatal viruses and diseases of decades past are now survivable, machines and robots have replaced many dangerous jobs, but are we any happier?

According to a study described in Psychology Today, adults are less happy than they were in the recent past. Much of this can be attributed to the pressure of people following their dreams, which usually means achieving unrealistic expectations. The American Dream is a great example of how our expectations have changed, it used to mean having a steady job, starting a family and owning a home, today it has transformed into having instant fame and unrealistic wealth.

New trends in slow living and reverting back to a more natural way of life are becoming more prevalent, but it’s just not that easy for most of us to pack up our things and move to a cabin in the middle of the woods. So what can we do to reduce stress and live life in a more natural way without becoming a reclusive lumberjack?

1. Disconnect

For most of us this may seem unrealistic, but putting down your phone, turning off the tablet and closing your laptop when you don’t need them is a good start. The average American spends north of 3 hours on their phone daily, most of that dedicated to messaging and social media.

Think about it, that’s 3 hours more you can spend on a hobby, with friends or a walk in the park.

2. Cut The Cable

The average American spends almost 4 hours daily in front of their television, burning time with mind numbing content, consuming commercials telling you how to live and what to buy.

Getting rid of cable can save you some serious money, and you can pick up a book instead, go to a cafe or take up some exercise. It will most definitely be a more healthy way to spend your time

3. Diet

You are what you eat so you have to cut out the junk. The basic principals of reverting back to a more natural diet means cutting out processed food, junk food, fast food, and sugary drinks. You don’t need to follow a diet trend or fad to eat healthy but the bad foods in your life need to go. Just about every supermarket has bio and organic foods, many people have access to farmers markets, and if you own a home and have some property, following steps 1 & 2 will give you the time you need to grow some of your own fruits and veggies.

4. Cut Up Your Credit Cards

Now this may be a hard one, but credit cards push us to live beyond our means and buy things that we really can not afford and usually don’t need. They also place a burden on us by pushing us further into debt and increasing our levels of stress. This may be a cliche, but if you can’t buy it for cash, don’t buy it at all.

5. Take Care Of Yourself

Whether that means traveling more, spending more time on your passions and hobbies, seeing your family more often or just getting that massage once a week, you need to do the things that truly make you happy and feel good. Disconnecting and unplugging should give you all the extra time you need to take care of yourself, and if you are happy and content you’ll be a better person for your family and friends.

We only have a limited amount of time and money, living life in a simpler and more natural way is a really good start to having more of both.

Extreme Left Leaning Social Media Algorithms Skewing The Bias

Each social media nowadays has a unique set of learning and technical elements, computer logic, and data analytics that make up the algorithms that help deliver the most relevant content to its users.

These social media platforms spend millions of dollars building and developing, testing, and perfecting these algorithms in the hopes of providing users with the most relevant experience that they can, to ensure that they see only the most engaging and interesting content based on a number of factors. In essence, balancing personal relevance with post timeliness.

These algorithms are managed by engineers, data scientists and analysts, content strategists and more so that you see nothing on accident. Facebook’s algorithm, for instance, puts posts that spark conversation and meaningful interactions between people at the top of the feed. This means that machine learning determines the posts that are most likely to get users to engage, comment, react, and delivers them to users with the highest of priority.

Instagram, on the other hand, used to determine which posts you are likely to care about the most and deliver those posts to you first. But in March of 2018, Instagram went back to a time-based feed like they originally used. This isn’t to say that Instagram isn’t still attempting to deliver you the content that they deem the most relevant to their users, but they are putting more emphasis on the timeliness of the posts to make sure that its users are seeing the posts with the most direct relevance, things happening today. Twitter’s algorithm takes the interaction between users and the accounts they follow and places the most importance on the direct engagement of the users. Essentially, of all the major social networks, the machine learning is dedicated to relevance to its users.

The problem that this presents is that social media platforms are now in control of said “relevance”. Rather than the users being able to decide the content that they want to see, for instance, by choosing the accounts to follow or the friends to add, that the social media software decides what we see. This allows the machine learning to essentially control our reality, or at least our perception of it.

For example, perhaps you are neither here nor there with your opinion on Donald Trump. Maybe you’re too uninformed to feel comfortable having an opinion on the current leader of the free world. These social media algorithms now have the ability to help shape your opinion on him. At first, you may not believe this to be true, but imagine that as an undecided user you are delivered only negative content on the POTUS. It would almost be impossible for you to remain neutral and form your own rational decisions on a man when the content that you are being delivered all have negative spins about him.

In a day and age where the majority of people get their news and knowledge from social media, it’s dangerous to allow these social media algorithms to determine the content that we are putting in front of our eyes and the front of our mind. Not that this is much different from the mainstream and traditional media, but social media were designed to be personalized experiences. These algorithms make these experiences less personal, even though they were designed to do the opposite, and we allow these computer processes that we do not totally understand, determine our experience.

The Top 10 Best Selling Shoes On The Market Today

For some people, shoes are there just to protect the feet. For other people, they’re the final piece of the perfect ensemble. Just like makeup, jewelry, clothing, bags, and nearly any other accessory you can name, shoes can make or break an outfit. They can give you confidence or make you feel self-conscious. And whatever they do for us in terms of fashion, they also have to perform their basic function of protecting the foot and offering stability and comfort. It’s clear which shoes are doing their job when looking at the 10 best-selling shoes on the market.

Nike Air Force 1
The Nike Air Force One is a classic from a company that produced 10 out of the top 10 best-selling sneakers for 2018. The Nike Air Force 1 dominates thanks to its classic colors and clean, aesthetically pleasing lines.

Clarks’ Breeze Sea
Clarks is always a strong contender when it comes to popular shoes, and the Breeze Sea is one of the best-selling shoes on the market. These women’s sandals come in a variety of colors and feature an EVA midsole and footbed that allow it to be both lightweight and unusually supportive for a flip-flop.

Converse All Star (Low)
The Converse All-Star has not gone out of style since it was first invented in 1917. This iconic unisex shoe features Oxford silhouettes and a classic canvas design that has been popular for a hundred years.

Crocs Classic
A staple in comfortable footwear since they were first invented, the original Crocs remain at the top of the bestseller list. As always, the classic clog is most unbelievably lightweight, conforms to the shape of the foot, and has ventilation ports that make it great for walking around in water or on land.

UGG Ansley Moccasin
Nothing says comfort like an UGG, and that’s been true for decades. The Ansley moccasin is one of the top selling shoes in the world because of its comfortable wool lining combined with a sole that can go anywhere.

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2
This flip-flop is a relative newcomer, but it has soared to the top of the list because of its reasonable price, anatomically pleasing flip-flop design, and durability.

Anna Dana-20 Classic
This ballerina flat is a bestseller because it is lightweight, suitable for people with wider feet, and absolutely adorable.

DC Court Graffik
When it comes to skater shoes, the DC Court Graffik is your best choice for cushioning, extra support, toughness, and breathability. They are widely popular because of their comfort and affordable price.

Capezio Daisy 205
This is a beginner ballet flat popular among children, and one of the top selling shoes on the market. Some of the features that make it so include water-resistant leather, an elastic drawstring, and an inside ID tag so your little ballerina never loses them.

Adidas Superstar
The Adidas superstar is one of the best-selling shoes available because of its premium materials, unparalleled comfort over long periods of where, and retro but trendy look.

These shoes are all different, but they’ve all made it to bestseller status because of comfort, quality, durability, and classic good looks. Apparently, those are the things we’re most looking for when we choose the perfect pair of shoes.

Will Social Media Addiction only Get Worse or Will there be a Push Back Effect?

The modern technology has brought a great impact to the modern society with the new generation are now into the social media platforms that have come with the easy access to the internet, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being the major social media platforms. People are now spending way too much time on the social media platforms thus affecting their social lives and and activities such as school, which is considered as addiction.

These social media platforms have positive impact to the society. On Facebook and Instagram platforms, people share photos, experiences and connect with friends but the negative impact is when they become obsessed with them thus causing an addiction. People tend to neglect real life interactions. Medics have not yet found this addiction as a formal disorder to the body or as a sickness.

Signs of social media addiction Do you spend most of your time on Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram are believed to affect only young generation but that is not true. There are women that are referred to as internet moms. These are married women who are into these social media platforms and spend more time there than attending to their family needs. They tend to lose a connection with the spouse and children and can cause family problems.

When people are addicted to social media, they use them to determine their status in the society and worse, their self esteem. This is when you spend time uploading status and photos on Facebook and Instagram and then you keep checking the number of likes and comments to see your influence, neglecting your real impact in the real world. With few likes and comments, this has led to low self esteem and can lead to worse case scenarios such as depression. How would the world be with elimination of Facebook and Instagram?

How would it be without everyone sitting at the dinner tables but with all glued to their smartphones checking statuses? Would it be like the old good days when grandma stories were the main thing?

A lot of businesses and organizations are now using Facebook and Instagram to market their products. People with large numbers of followers and friends too use that opportunity to make an income by partnering with companies that have not established a connection on those platforms to market their products.

With these platforms, artists, actors and other celebrities are able to connect with their fans around the world. These are few positives related with social media. But what have made it possible for all these is because people have shifted from real life to these social media platforms.

A world without Facebook and Instagram would mean that people will go back to more face to face interactions. Businesses could advertise more on newspapers and magazines therefore it would encourage a reading culture that is more educative.

It would encourage families and friends to visit each other and share one on one rather than just messaging online all the time. The real connection between people would be back. The world can be a better place and reduce cases of low self esteem among youths if we were to do away with the Facebook and Instagram social media platforms.

Can Social Media Sites Influence the Behavior of its Users?

Social connection is the main purpose of social media sites. The need to be seen, to be noticed is
what motivates many people to post pictures, each in specific settings and with specific poses. But what are the major differences between Instagram and Facebook, two of the most popular sites on the internet? To answer this question, it is important to consider what purpose both sites serve and how that purpose influences the behavior of its users.

Every person with an Instagram account knows that this website is primarily for posting pictures.
The pictures themselves depict a story. Whether it be a gorgeous girl with long hair and pretty eyes pouting at the camera or a calm beach scenery. Instagram is all about the visual. This can be a great business advantage for many who are looking to join their business to their account. This provides a more personal insight into what it is that you want to convey to your viewers. However, because this website heavily relies on the visual and is mostly used for entertainment, it is easy to find content that is racy, garish, bold and sometimes even radical. People feel more at liberty to show off in more unique and sometimes shocking ways because they know that people are watching.

Additionally, Instagram users are often much more focused on followers than other sites like Facebook.
This is because their ability to produce work depends on what their viewers want to see. Oftentimes, the member with the most outrageous contents get the most followers. This might be due to people’s constant need to be kept entertained and interested.

Facebook is almost a completely different world of boundless options and features that separates it from
Instagram. Facebook was created in 2004 according to Business Insider. It is much older than Instagram which was created in 2010. The idea behind Facebook had always been to establish a global connection that would facilitate conversations and video calling among parties no matter where they are located.
The features you get are centered more around personal and professional connection than many of the social media sites out there. From messaging and giving out likes, to posting pictures and being reminded of special memories; Facebook creates an ample, and exciting world of opportunities in just one site. The fact that you can have a space to vent your thoughts or present exiting new ideas changes the way that people react to this site as opposed to Instagram. With Facebook the kind of people you meet are too diverse in every aspect to link any specific group as being a representation of the website. People’s behavior can range from angry posts to happy vacation pics or professional content catering to the needs of its viewers.

These popular and innovative sites are unique in their own way. They provide a variety of methods
to bring people and ideas together and bring those concepts to light. The content is not always pleasing to some and arguments are often at the front of many posts but at least there is a platform for those opinions and perspectives to be heard and seen. The knowledge that we acquire from social media can be
damaging but if handled correctly the knowledge that you attain surrounding different cultures, customs, people and global events can be priceless.

4 Alternative Modern Health Tips You Should Choose

The increasing significance and recognition of home healing must not be denied. The process of using compounds exhibit at home and making it efficient for aimed at certain conditions has provided excellent benefits to attract readership and traffic.

Here we give a discussion of 4 Alternative Modern Health Tips You Should Know.

1. Indoors cures:

By creating utilization of things such as greens, fruit, herbal remedies, and spices or herbs exhibit in your home to avoid conditions and ailments. Domestic remedies have become famous for terribly trouble-free reasons- no materials, cheaper cure, simple to make and turn and no unintended effects. With the help of trouble-free personal healing and with these well-being suggestions in your daily life, you will get a complete physical condition cure.

Medicine just the myth that just drugs and drugs can function miracles on health and on handling vital or child ailments has been removed. With all the incidence of domestic solutions, one is getting appealed higher price for this image of wellbeing and fitness guidelines that could be quite simple, useful but without doubt efficient.

2. home therapies:

To begin your remedy utilizing real home healing, the 1st place you need to leap about is your kitchen. At almost inconsiderable cost, you can prepare your treatments at home and apply it for overall wellness rewards. Well-being pointers today offer home therapies which can be very useful for overall health. While you enter the kitchen to indicate it to the laboratory, all you need to do is examine in many stuff about home-made solutions to put together these kinds of in a very proper way.

Regardless if you are on the lookout for future health guidelines for tots, adults or anybody else plagued by trivial or important disorders similar to frozen and loose stools, at home remedies is possible to be an ultimate tool for your issues. Will not only will you organize the herbs and other medication in your home by yourself, but it also asks far less time, and you ‘ll cure the ache promptly.

The belief and idea of via substances derived from plant sources and chemical there easily can be notably able in several disorders. There is no doubt which you can’t run into a physician each time even in small issues akin to bloodless & cough, little stomach uneasiness, cephalalgia and likewise. Ordinary condition using house solutions is usually beneficial.

3. Reduce your Stress Level: Relax and take it easy:

There is a connection between stress and diabetes. Some of it is direct, some of it is not. If you are always rushing around trying to meet all your commitments, you will end up with little energy to deal with your health. As well, lowering your body’s level of stress hormones can reduce your hunger. Exercise aids in reducing stress, as do meditation and hobbies.

4. Make Wise Food Choices:

Choosing healthy foods will have positive effects on your health. The food you choose to eat should help you to:

Lose weight

-Place your blood sugar levels in the normal range
-Provide adequate levels of nutrients for your health and well-being
-Foods should maintain a balance between foods helping your body and those that hinder your body by choosing:

Some carbs you eat, and the type

-The types of food you combine at the same time, e.g., fiber, fat, protein with carbs
-What your blood sugar levels are before eating and two hours after eating

5 New Things You Should Look Out For In The Fitness World

Are you sick of doing the same workout routine on a daily basis? Has exercise turned out to be boring and not as fun as in the beginning? If so, then you need to learn some of the latest trends in the fitness world. Here is a summary of five new things you should look out for in the fitness world. Many individuals are using these methods to spice up their boring fitness routines and sweating off those extra pounds.

1. Kettlebells

One of the latest trends in the weight loss industry is using kettlebells. Instead of using your usual hand and barbells, kettle weights are oddly shaped iron weights which are available in various sizes. The iron weights are shaped like pots with handles at the top for holding when exercising. It’s advisable to start with smaller weights if you are not used to them since they are quite heavy compared to other weight typesBy Using both handles, these weights are swung around by holding onto the handles. Turning them in several directions can help in working out your entire body and sweating off extra pounds with very short workout duration.

2. Burlesque Dancing

Dancing has always been considered as one of the simplest types of exercises since almost everyone can do it and yet it gets rid of a reasonable amount of calories. Trap and hip hop has been the common in most yoga classes for some time now, but more delightful styles like burlesque are now becoming popular day by day.Women are advised to feel free and even wear heels when doing these dance lessons. Burlesque dancing fits well with stripper pole classes which many women have been longing to enroll for quite some time. In case you want to get in shape and feel sexy, this is an excellent option to consider.

3. Going digital

is the new Trend Technology which has made every aspect in our lives easier, and in fitness, we can utilize technology by using it to get inspiration, tips and even making friends whom we can exercise together.For fitness inspiration and testimonials, go straight to YouTube and Instagram. Follow a few channels you’re interested in and make sure you regularly check their latest feeds and updates. Whether for inspiration or new exercise routines, consider embracing social networks to spice up your wellness routine. Moreover, most personal trainers or studios have online workout channels that you can stream when you’re not feeling like leaving your house for the gym, or you’re too busy to get time for the gym. Social media will help you work out from home with ease by paying attention to what your instructor does.

4. High interval training

You no longer need several hours of working out, sweating from treadmills to weights and back again. High interval training has been around for quite some time and has been considered the most efficient of all training routines. With only 20 minutes of exercise daily, HIITs are now the most practiced since they are very proficient and short compared to other methods.

5. Weighted Hula Hoops

Whether you were fond of twirling hula hoops when you were young or not, using weighted hula hoops is a great way of maintaining your youthful figure, or simply get in shape. You simply take weighted loops and spin them around your abdomen in different directions and patterns. Nowadays, the growing popularity and demand of these hoops have made it easier to find them, and one doesn’t need instructions on working out using them.

In case you’re just getting started with an exercise routine, ensure you are up to date with the latest trends practiced by individuals. Don’t forget to spice up your exercise routines more often. If you get used to doing similar things on a regular basis, your body gets used to them thus losing fewer calories, and you’ll probably start skipping workouts as a result of boredom!