Can Social Media Sites Influence the Behavior of its Users?

Social connection is the main purpose of social media sites. The need to be seen, to be noticed is
what motivates many people to post pictures, each in specific settings and with specific poses. But what are the major differences between Instagram and Facebook, two of the most popular sites on the internet? To answer this question, it is important to consider what purpose both sites serve and how that purpose influences the behavior of its users.

Every person with an Instagram account knows that this website is primarily for posting pictures.
The pictures themselves depict a story. Whether it be a gorgeous girl with long hair and pretty eyes pouting at the camera or a calm beach scenery. Instagram is all about the visual. This can be a great business advantage for many who are looking to join their business to their account. This provides a more personal insight into what it is that you want to convey to your viewers. However, because this website heavily relies on the visual and is mostly used for entertainment, it is easy to find content that is racy, garish, bold and sometimes even radical. People feel more at liberty to show off in more unique and sometimes shocking ways because they know that people are watching.

Additionally, Instagram users are often much more focused on followers than other sites like Facebook.
This is because their ability to produce work depends on what their viewers want to see. Oftentimes, the member with the most outrageous contents get the most followers. This might be due to people’s constant need to be kept entertained and interested.

Facebook is almost a completely different world of boundless options and features that separates it from
Instagram. Facebook was created in 2004 according to Business Insider. It is much older than Instagram which was created in 2010. The idea behind Facebook had always been to establish a global connection that would facilitate conversations and video calling among parties no matter where they are located.
The features you get are centered more around personal and professional connection than many of the social media sites out there. From messaging and giving out likes, to posting pictures and being reminded of special memories; Facebook creates an ample, and exciting world of opportunities in just one site. The fact that you can have a space to vent your thoughts or present exiting new ideas changes the way that people react to this site as opposed to Instagram. With Facebook the kind of people you meet are too diverse in every aspect to link any specific group as being a representation of the website. People’s behavior can range from angry posts to happy vacation pics or professional content catering to the needs of its viewers.

These popular and innovative sites are unique in their own way. They provide a variety of methods
to bring people and ideas together and bring those concepts to light. The content is not always pleasing to some and arguments are often at the front of many posts but at least there is a platform for those opinions and perspectives to be heard and seen. The knowledge that we acquire from social media can be
damaging but if handled correctly the knowledge that you attain surrounding different cultures, customs, people and global events can be priceless.