Men’s office wear tends to be the same all year round. Dark colored suits with a coat and tie. Boring, isn’t it? Why not make 2017 a trendy year? Ditch the boring shirts and monochrome ties and try something fresh and new that is fresh but official. Let’s look at the top fashion ideas for the modern businessman that will be a hit in 2017.

Khaki shorts

Shorts? Yes, shorts. They are not only for beach wear or for your morning jog. The right shorts, worn the right way are a fashion statement in the business world that will leave heads turning and make an unforgettable impression. They break the monotony of trousers in the office. How do you wear the shorts to create a fresh official look? Find well-fitting light-weight chino shorts (please use chino shorts only, as other shorts such as cargo shorts, beach shorts and board shorts will not create the look). Chino shorts have a neat finish suitable for the office. Pair this with a light-weight, fitting button-down shirt with a vest underneath. Wear a fitting blazer, preferably navy blue, black or burgundy. The darker the color, the tighter the look. Finally, put on some oxfords, loafers or boat boots without socks, slap a trendy watch on your wrist and voila! The look is complete. Wear this to a conference meeting and see how you stand out.


In the corporate world, jeans are only worn on casual Fridays. Did you know jeans can create a very trendy business casual look? Well, now you know. First and foremost, choose good quality jeans. Levi’s are a good brand to try out. Secondly, choose a perfectly fitting pair- we do not want a loose, ill-fitting pair that’s struggling to be held together by a belt and dragging at the soles of your feet. Lastly choose a shirt, shoes and blazer that will compliment your jeans. Is it a light-blue fading pair or dark denim? For a light colored pair, choose a light colored shirt and a dark blazer. For a dark denim pair, choose a dark colored shirt and a light colored blazer. Always wear a button down shirt and not a polo shirt. You need to have more than two official pairings to create the look, in this case, the shirt, shoes and blazer. Wear a pair of loafers or oxfords and the look is complete.

Polo shirt

Polo shirts are very informal but can create a business look when paired correctly. Instead of wearing it on Fridays or Saturdays as casual office wear, why not wear it on Monday morning for that business meeting? Let me show you how. Pair a dark grey suit with a black polo shirt-a very black polo shirt. Wear this with a pair of shiny black oxfords. A very sharp and sophisticated look without need of a tie.

Business wear does not have to be a one look affair. I have not mentioned a tie anywhere for a reason. Ties are overrated. To make these looks stand out, make sure you use fresh, new outfits. Fading colors make the look untidy and unattractive. Step out of your comfort and try out these looks.