5 New Things You Should Look Out For In The Fitness World

Are you sick of doing the same workout routine on a daily basis? Has exercise turned out to be boring and not as fun as in the beginning? If so, then you need to learn some of the latest trends in the fitness world. Here is a summary of five new things you should look out for in the fitness world. Many individuals are using these methods to spice up their boring fitness routines and sweating off those extra pounds.

1. Kettlebells

One of the latest trends in the weight loss industry is using kettlebells. Instead of using your usual hand and barbells, kettle weights are oddly shaped iron weights which are available in various sizes. The iron weights are shaped like pots with handles at the top for holding when exercising. It’s advisable to start with smaller weights if you are not used to them since they are quite heavy compared to other weight typesBy Using both handles, these weights are swung around by holding onto the handles. Turning them in several directions can help in working out your entire body and sweating off extra pounds with very short workout duration.

2. Burlesque Dancing

Dancing has always been considered as one of the simplest types of exercises since almost everyone can do it and yet it gets rid of a reasonable amount of calories. Trap and hip hop has been the common in most yoga classes for some time now, but more delightful styles like burlesque are now becoming popular day by day.Women are advised to feel free and even wear heels when doing these dance lessons. Burlesque dancing fits well with stripper pole classes which many women have been longing to enroll for quite some time. In case you want to get in shape and feel sexy, this is an excellent option to consider.

3. Going digital

is the new Trend Technology which has made every aspect in our lives easier, and in fitness, we can utilize technology by using it to get inspiration, tips and even making friends whom we can exercise together.For fitness inspiration and testimonials, go straight to YouTube and Instagram. Follow a few channels you’re interested in and make sure you regularly check their latest feeds and updates. Whether for inspiration or new exercise routines, consider embracing social networks to spice up your wellness routine. Moreover, most personal trainers or studios have online workout channels that you can stream when you’re not feeling like leaving your house for the gym, or you’re too busy to get time for the gym. Social media will help you work out from home with ease by paying attention to what your instructor does.

4. High interval training

You no longer need several hours of working out, sweating from treadmills to weights and back again. High interval training has been around for quite some time and has been considered the most efficient of all training routines. With only 20 minutes of exercise daily, HIITs are now the most practiced since they are very proficient and short compared to other methods.

5. Weighted Hula Hoops

Whether you were fond of twirling hula hoops when you were young or not, using weighted hula hoops is a great way of maintaining your youthful figure, or simply get in shape. You simply take weighted loops and spin them around your abdomen in different directions and patterns. Nowadays, the growing popularity and demand of these hoops have made it easier to find them, and one doesn’t need instructions on working out using them.

In case you’re just getting started with an exercise routine, ensure you are up to date with the latest trends practiced by individuals. Don’t forget to spice up your exercise routines more often. If you get used to doing similar things on a regular basis, your body gets used to them thus losing fewer calories, and you’ll probably start skipping workouts as a result of boredom!