5 Cool Mobile Apps for the Health and Fitness-Conscious

Gone are the days where we say that technology is making us fat. Nowadays, where everyone practically has a smartphone, it isn’t that difficult anymore to imagine that technology can actually help us to stay in shape. This is all thanks to the ever-growing and expanding industry of mobile applications. Here are 5 cool mobile applications that are sure to motivate and help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

1. Nike+ Training Club

Nike’s official app has a repository of workouts that are catered to your availability and fitness goals. There are dozens of workout routines that you can do, depending on what your goals are, and the tools that are available to you. All of this is highly customizable per your preference. The high quality instructional videos that come with those workouts help you execute each motion perfectly so you can maximize your workout. Plus, you get to share your achievements and even compete with friends with the app’s social element.

2. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter

Every health-conscious person needs to track their calories for their diet to be optimal. This application has millions of food to sort through, making figuring out what you’re getting from whatever food much easier to track. It even has a useful Diet Tracker that outlines your diet in steps, so you will never get lost in keeping track of your diet. One study even confirms that tracking your diet and exercise via an electronic tracker (in this case, your smartphone) is an effective way to maintain the regimen, since getting the instant feedback from the app provides a more positive response than traditional self-tracking methods.

3. Zombies, Run!

Who says running as a workout should be boring? This fitness app is also a video game. The game sets you into your own zombie apocalypse, where you will need to run, walk, and even jump to traverse through the game and its story. The basics are pretty easy to understand. You can select and episode, adjust some settings and preferences, and you are good to go. It is definitely a unique take on the repetitively saturated market of running apps.

4. FIT Radio

Speaking of boring workouts, music can be a very powerful motivational tool for you to enjoy the workout and even crunch in the extra efforts when you get the hype from an amazing song that you are listening to. This app is a streaming service whose main purpose to help you maintain a constant rhythm for the duration of your workout. You can even adjust your playlist according to its BPM (beats per minute), enabling you to have control over the pace of your workout when using the application.

5. Salute the Desk

Being stuck in an office job with no time to spare for going to the gym is a very unhealthy lifestyle. Luckily, space and time will no longer be an issue with this yoga app. You can do your yoga sessions practically anywhere with this app guiding you. Go take a break from your computer and your office work with this unique yoga app. The app will teach you to be less sedentary, and provide you with the benefits of guided relaxation and help you maintain good posture.